How to Spray Paint Metal Car Ramps Properly

What You'll Need
Metal Car Ramps
Spray Paint That is Compatible with Metal
Ventilated Area
Large Throw, or Tarp
Painters Mask

If you would like to change the color of your car ramps, you can do so properly by following these simple steps. Many people find spray painting difficult, but with a little time and patience you can achieve a professional look.  

Step 1: Prepare the Area

You have to first remove your metal car ramp from the area it is in, and ensure that you are going to start spray painting in a well ventilated area. This ensures that you or anyone around you will not be breathing in the fumes from the spray paint. It’s also wise to use a painter's mask since you will be in close proximity to the fumes. Place your large throw or tarp in your work area. Make sure the tarp is something you do not mind getting paint on. Place your metal car ramp on top of the tarp in your ventilated area.

Step 2: Paint the Bottoms

Make sure that the spray paint you have purchased is able to work on metal surfaces. Some surfaces are not covered by some spray paint, so this is very important if you do not want the paint to chip, or run. Open your spray paint cans, and place them to the side. You will want to make sure the car ramp is upside down at first. Spray paint the bottom of the ramp, putting an even coat on it. Once you have finished, leave it to dry completely before trying to move it. Once the ramp has dried, flip it over on the side. Spray paint this side with an even coat of paint. You will, again, want to walk away while you let this side dry. Once the one side dries, you should do the same step with the other side. Once again, make sure that this side dries completely.

Step 3: Paint the Tops

Once the bottom and both sides are completely painted and dried, you can then flip the ramp over to start painting the top. Once all of the sides, top, and bottom have completely dried, check them over to see if they need another coat. If you feel that they do, you can go over the steps again to place another coat on them as desired. You should always make sure that one side is dry before starting on another. Once the ramp is painted and dried, you can begin using as usual.