How to Spray Stucco Onto Your House How to Spray Stucco Onto Your House

Stucco is a very popular form of siding and interior finish. Because of it's durability, versatility, and easy of maintenance, stucco is a great way to finish off some sections of a home that has high traffic, is susceptible to damage, or needs a decorative touch. The application of stucco can be done in several different ways, but the two most common methods are to trowel or use a sprayer.

Stucco Inside

For a long time stucco has been applied to ceilings and walls with a sprayer as it is much easier to take care of. What is commonly referred to as a popcorn ceiling is a substance much like stucco.

When thinking about the inside of a house you wouldn't think that stucco would be used there. Many areas in the home are often coated with a stucco finish like living rooms, entry ways, dining rooms,  and hallways. There are a few reasons that stucco would be useful indoors:

  • Economical covering
  • Adheres to almost any surface
  • Durable
  • Water resistant
  • Versatility in texture

Mixing Stucco
Spray stucco is a little different in it's consistency. Instead of mixing Portland Cement with sand and water to form the stucco mixture, interior stucco comes in a 40 pound bag.

Using a 5 gallon pail, pour 4 gallons of water into it. Add the stucco in a little at a time until you get the desire consistency. You will be mixing it with a stucco paddle attached to a drill or just mixed by hand. When it is smooth, it is ready to be put into the sprayer.

Before Spraying
Sprayed the area with a damp sponge first to thoroughly clean the area of any dust, dirt, or debris. Be especially attentive to any types of oils or powders that might have accumulated from other construction processes. Pick up anything that is near the wall and make sure you have a clear path to walk in. An empty room would be the ideal situation.

Spray Stucco
Adjust the nozzle depending on the type of application you are doing. It is best to practice with the nozzle and different consistencies before making your real application.

Start spraying in one area and move in a slow deliberate manner. Do not stay in one area too long, but you do not want to go to fast. A nice even coat should be all the way around the area you are spraying. Do not look at the nozzle while you are spraying either. Keep you eyes on the area you are spraying and how the stucco in being applied.

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