How to Stack a Wedding Cake How to Stack a Wedding Cake

A wedding cake can be purchased fully made and stacked or it can be homemade and personally stacked. A wedding cake needs to be stacked correctly using dowels to support each tier appropriately.

Step 1 – Base

Select an appropriate base for the first tier of the cake. This base should be slightly larger than the first tier and quite sturdy in order to support the finished wedding cake. Put a small amount of icing in the center of the base, which will act like glue and should hold the first tier in place. Fix the first tier onto the icing.

Step 2 – Dowels

In order to support each tier of a wedding cake, short wooden dowels are inserted into the tiers. The dowels need to be cut short so that they will not poke out of the top of tiers.

Step 3 – Tiers

Insert two or three wooden dowels into the top of the first tier of the cake so that they will fit easily into the bottom of the second tier. Push the second tier gently onto these dowels until the base of the second tier just touches the top of the first tier. Repeat this process with additional tiers.

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