How to Stain a Fiberglass Entry Door Part 1

Staining a fiberglass entry door can be a frustrating project to take on. Here you will find a source of reference to give instructions for preparation and masking before applying stain to your entry door. Also included is a list of products you will need to successfully stain your fiberglass door.

What You Will Need

1-gallon mineral spirits

1 can gel stain

2 ½ inch china bristle angle brush

2 ½ inch synthetic bristle angle brush

snap off blade

Things Of Importance To Know

Preparing for any painting or staining project is a very important part of the process. The quality of your paint job depends on the quality of your preparation for it. The best product available to stain a fiberglass door with is gel stain. A product that is much like stain, but has many properties of paint. It uses the color of your fiberglass door to create the highlights and variations that a natural wood door would have. When gel staining a fiberglass door, preparation is imperative because touching it up is a bit difficult. Most often, the only way to successfully touch up a gel stained fiberglass door is to remove stain from the entire section that must be touched up. The reason for this is gel stain is very unforgiving when you need to apply to a small spot. You can't overlap because when you overlap it doesn't blend. It just builds, therefore any build will get dramatically darker very quickly. Don't be afraid to try your hand at staining your own fiberglass door. It is really a simple process with only three steps to complete, that being preparation, staining and, finishing.

Prepping Your Door

First, begin by using a hand broom to remove any dirt from your door unit. Next, insert the fiberglass plugs that are used to cover up the screws on the trim that surrounds your window. These fiberglass plugs usually are stuck to a window on your door. Inspect these plugs. You will notice the face of them are textured to match the texture of your door. Also notice their contoured shape. You will align them to match the contour to your trim. After your plugs are in place, you are ready to begin masking off.

Masking Your Fiberglass Entry Door

Using your masking tape, apply a row onto the edge of your glass to protect your window. Try to keep this as straight as possible. If you have trouble with this, apply tape a mm. from fiberglass trim. Do your best not to allow tape onto the fiberglass. Next, mask off the doorknobs or locks if they are already installed and then mask off your threshold. If you have painted trim around your fiberglass door that will not be stained, mask it off too. Finally, using old newspaper, mask off any concrete in front of your door if applicable. This is to protect your concrete when brushing, because no matter how hard you try, the stain will always flick off when you are brushing. If you are staining the inside of your door, repeat this process to it complete masking off your door.