How to Stain a Folding Wood Chair How to Stain a Folding Wood Chair

What You'll Need
Mild soap
Masking tape
Old rags
Drop cloth
Tack cloth
Clear coat spray

A folding wood chair is handy to have when you have a crowd in your home. They look much better than the old metal folding chairs. After years of use, your chair may become old looking from wear and tear. Here are the steps to staining the chair to make it look brand new.

Step 1 - Preparation and Cleaning

Take your chair to an area, such as your garage, or outdoors, where you lay down a drop cloth to work on the chair. Mix a solution of warm water and few squirts of dish liquid in a bucket. Clean the chair with a rag paying special attention to the metal fixtures on chair to remove greasy debris that may have built up. Wipe the chair dry and you will be ready to sand the chair.

Step 2 - Sand the Chair

With the chair in an upright position, sand all of the surface to be stained and wipe down with a tack cloth to remove the dust from sanding. Fold the chair up and lay it down. Sand each side, and wipe with a tack cloth to remove the sandpaper dust from each side. Be sure you wipe all the dust away so it does not get stuck in your stain. Put the chair back in the upright position and you're ready to start staining it.

Step 3 - Staining the Chair

Shake the can of stain well to be sure it is mixed well. Open the can and get out your paintbrush. Start sweeping the stain on the chair in even strokes for the best finish. Catch drips and runs with an old rag. If you wipe off too much stain when cleaning up a run, simply go over it as soon as possible to blend it with the stain that has already been applied. After you have finished staining the areas on the top with chair unfolded, allow it to dry completely. When dry, fold the chair up and lay it flat on the drop cloth. Stain one side at a time allowing it to dry completely between staining. You will need to pay close attention to catch drips and runs when it is laying flat as well. When it is all stained, you will cover the stain with clear coat.

Step 4 - Clear Coat Spray

Clear coat spray will give your folding chair a nice sheen and a professional appearance. It also adds protection from dings and scratches. First, spray the chair while in the upright position. Hold the can of spray approximately 10 inches from the chair, and move back and forth in a sweeping motion for good coverage. Allow it to dry and fold it up and repeat the process on each side allowing it to dry before turning it over. If your folding chair gets a lot of use, you can add an additional coat to the seat of the chair for added protection.

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