How to Stain a Solid Wood Coffee Table

What You'll Need
1 quart mineral spirits
1 quart stain
2 1/2 inch angled brush
plastic drop cloth
1 roll masking tape

Staining solid wood coffee table is fairly simple. It may be a little messy, but it can be rewarding. This guide gives a list of supplies you will need and how to successfully stain a wood coffee table without adversity.

Prepare Your Work Area and Table

Choose a good place work that is well ventilated. Spread your drop cloth out flat and tack down with masking tape. Center your coffee table on your drop cloth. Using a rag, wipe and remove any dirt, or debris from it. The next step is staining your table.

Staining Your Coffee Table

Dip your brush and brush stain to the entire top of your table, continuing around the edge. Using a rag, wipe excess stain until streaking subsides. Next, apply stain to the legs or other surfaces and wipe with rag until uniform. After you are finished, wash your brush with mineral spirits.

You will only need to apply one coat of stain to your table unless your desired darkness was not achieved. If the color is too light for your tastes, you may reapply stain in about an hour. Before applying a finish coat, eight hours should be a sufficient amount of time to wait following staining.

Staining almost anything that is made of wood will be applied in the same or a similar method. Always working from top to bottom. Staining is a job that is relatively easy for most anyone who is willing to get a little dirty.