How to Stain Carved Wooden Signs

What You'll Need
Wood conditioner
Paint brush
Paint or stain
Rag cloth

Carved wooden signs are often used as signs to list your name or address. Staining these signs requires patience and a deft hand. However, you can still stain carved wooden signs even if you are an amateur at painting. Here are some steps to help you through the process.

Step 1 - Sand the Wooden Sign

Use sandpaper to sand the surface of the carved wooden sign. This will give the sign a smooth surface that is ready to be stained. Do not apply much pressure because you may sand off more than what is required. Wipe with a cloth rag when you are done.

Step 2 - Condition the Wood

Use wood conditioner to condition the wood before you use any stain. This will help the wooden sign to retain the paint better. It is recommended that you allow the wooden sign to dry for at least 15 minutes before you apply stain. You may need to wait up to two hours for the paint to dry, depending on the wooden surface.

Step 3 - Staining the Wooden Signs

After conditioning, directly apply stain to the wooden signs using a brush or even a small rag. Allow the stain to dry completely before you apply a second coat of stain.