How to Stain Concrete Basement Floors

A concrete basement floor.
  • 48-72 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-450
What You'll Need
String mop
Shop vac
Citrus degreaser
Floor polish
Plastic sprayer
Scrub brush
Acrylic stain
Paint roller
Etching solution

Concrete basement floors can benefit quite a bit from finishing stain. You will find that staining a basement floor made of concrete is something that you can easily do yourself. Not only will you be able to make your concrete floor look great, but you can protect it as well.

Stain your concrete basement floor on a warm, dry day. If not, at least have a dehumidifier running to prevent moisture from ruining your stain job.

Step 1 - Apply Degreaser

Apply citrus degreaser to a small part of your basement floor with your scrub brush. Let the degreaser set for 30 minutes. Once it has had time to set, mop the area where the degreaser was. Apply your floor polisher to the area and scrub it.

Step 2 - Vacuum

Use a shop vac to get rid of excess water. Continue to apply the degreaser to the floor as well as the floor polisher until you have covered the entire basement. It is a good idea to cover the walls, as well as any baseboards.

Step 3 - Mop

Once the sealer has been removed, mop the floor thoroughly. To be sure that the sealer has been removed, drip water on your floor. If it beads, there is still sealer on the floor. Allow 24 hours for the area to dry. It may need more time, depending on how humid or damp the air in the basement is.

Step 4 - Use Etching Solution

Once the floor has had time to dry, you are ready to apply the etching solution. Apply it with a plastic sprayer. The solution must evenly cover your entire floor. Give the solution 20 minutes to set; clean it up when it stops bubbling. Mop the floor, vacuum any water, and give the floor time to dry. Make sure that you wear a ventilator and keep your basement as well ventilated as possible.

Step 5 - Stain the Floors

You are now ready to apply the stain to the corners as well as the edges of your basement. You should start with a paintbrush, then use a roller to stain the rest of the floor. Once you have covered the floor with stain, give it about 4 hours to dry before applying the second coat. After you have given the second coat of stain time to dry, mop your floor.

Concrete basement floors can benefit quite a bit from getting stained; it’s also an easy project. Not only will doing so make your concrete floor look better, it will also protect it by making it resistant to water.