How to Stain Entry Table Furniture How to Stain Entry Table Furniture

What You'll Need
Wood Stain
Paint Brush
Dust Mask
Drop Cloth

Entry table furniture that is made from wood can be stained to match any décor. Staining entry table furniture can be accomplished in the same way that you stain any type of wood. Prepare the surface, remove any dirt, blemishes and scratches and apply the stain to the wood. Allow the stain to dry and apply an additional coat if necessary.

This article will discuss the process necessary to stain entry table furniture. This includes the tools, materials and steps required to stain your entry table furniture and restore its finish.

Step 1: Purchase Supplies for Staining

Before you begin the process of staining your entry table furniture, you need to purchase supplies from a paint supply store or home improvement center. This includes paint brushes, stain, sandpaper and other materials needed to stain the furniture. Choose a stain that matches the style of the entry way to your home.

Step 2: Place Entry Table Furniture in a Ventilated Area

Remove any items on top of the entry table. Take the table and place it in an area that is well ventilated. Place the table on a large drop cloth covering the floor in order to prevent any of the stain from spilling on the floor and causing a mess.

Step 3: Sand the Entry Table Furniture

Take a medium grit sandpaper and use it to sand the table. Remove the coat of existing stain on the entry table. Work carefully by sanding each of the legs individually. Sand in the direction of the wood grain.

Sanding will remove the stain and also prepare the surface for you to apply a new coat of stain to it. During the sanding process you should where a dust mask to prevent any of the dust from settling in your lungs.

Step 4: Stain the Entry Table Furniture

With the top layer of stain removed from the entry table furniture begin the process of applying the stain. Take a paint brush and carefully dip it in the stain can. Brush it onto the furniture, applying the stain with event strokes. The stain in most cases will dry quickly allowing you to check how the stain was applied and put a secondary coat on the furniture if necessary. You may want to consider wearing gloves to protect your hands from becoming stained.  

Step 5: Apply a Glaze to the Entry Table Furniture

After applying the stain to the furniture you want to apply a protective glaze or varnish. This will protect the stain and also provide a protective finish to the furniture. Allow the glaze to dry before proceeding to the final step in the process.

Step 6: Place Table Back in Entry Way

Take the table and place it in its original location in the entry way. This will complete the process of staining your entry way table.

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