How to Stain Foreplace Mantel Shelves How to Stain Foreplace Mantel Shelves

What You'll Need
Steel wool
Rubber gloves
Drop cloth

Staining fireplace mantel shelves is like staining any other wood project. You can obtain all the tools and supplies you will need at your local hardware or paint supply store.

Step 1: Prepare the Shelves

Use your rag to remove all dust and debris from the shelves. Remove the shelves, if possible, because the staining process is easier. Place them on the drop cloth, in case you spill or splatter any stain while working.

Step 2: Applying Stain

First apply the stain to the wall of the mantel where the shelves were attached. Apply a nice even coat in one direction with the grain of the wood. Allow the stain to sit for a few minutes and remove excess with a rag. The darkness of the stain you want to obtain will determine the length of time you will allow the stain to sit before removing some of it. If the color isn't dark enough with the first coat, you can apply a second coat in the same way.

Apply stain to the shelves in the same way you did to the wall. Stain both sides of the shelves and don't forget about staining the edges. Then, wipe away excess and allow both the wall and the shelves to dry.

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