How to Stain Pressure Treated Wood

What You'll Need
Wood Stain
Brush or Broom
Soapy Water
Pressure Washer or Pressure Hose
Plastic Sheeting

Knowing the best way to stain pressure treated wood will help the stain to have a long lasting effect on the wood. Some pressure treated woods need different types of treatment, and knowing which one is the right one for the wood you are using is important. Most people buy pressure treated wood as a form of decking for their outside eating and seating areas. Decking is usually pressure treated by a specific process using chemical preservatives. They are steeped in a low pressure tank, and the pressure is raised to allow the preservatives to totally permeate the wood to its core. After that process, it is cured in another process and made ready for use.

Step 1 – Washing

Before you begin you will need to make sure the decking is totally dirt free and debris free. Start by sweeping the decking and removing any dry debris and dust. After that you will have to wash the decking down completely, eliminating any fungal residue or build up of green slime. Power washers or pressure washers are usually very good for cleaning without the need for bleach or harmful detergents.

Step 2 – Drying

Before you continue with the staining process, make sure the decking is dry. You can leave it for a day or two, providing you are not expecting rain in your area or you can use plastic sheeting to protect it. Doing this project is the summer is a better idea because the pressure treated wood will dry quicker.

Step 3 – Stain

Be sure about the type of stain you need. Sometimes, newly pressure treated wood can be too porous and damp to accept a stain, but you can use Thompson’s Water Seal, which will penetrate through the wood and stain it well. Use the broom (unless your stain kit comes with a specific tool for using) to move the stain around and seal it into the wood. Most decking is ridged, so the bristled of the broom will help to spread out the stain evenly into the ridges for maximum cover. Brush the stain into every part of the pressure treated wood decking until you have fully covered the whole area. Where needed, you can also use a paint brush.

Step 4 – Drying Time

Let the first coat of stain dry properly before you apply any further treatment to the pressure treated wood. It is probably best to leave it for twelve to twenty four hours.

Step 5 – Second Treatment

Apply another coat of stain in the same way you applied the first. Once the first coat has dried properly, it will dull a little, and you will still be able to see where you are putting the new coat on top. You will also notice a slight change in the depth of the coloring. Brush the stain into the ridges again and make sure it all seeps in evenly. Leave it to dry for twenty four hours before walking on it.