How to Stain Wood Stair Railing

What You'll Need
Water based stain
Foam brush
Wood putty
Putty knife

A wood stair railing is a beautiful way to upgrade an existing staircase. Many people choose a wood stair railing when doing renovations today for the versatility, character, and investment value. Staining the railing is the choice way to protect it to keep it looking shiny and new for many years. 

Step 1: Repair Any Scratches

Before you apply any type of stain to your wood stair railing, take the time to check it over and repair any scratches or gouges. Fill them in with wood putty and sand it down when it dries. 

Step 2: Wash off Railing

The stain is going to need a clean place to adhere to that does not have a lot of dust and dirt on it. Wash it down with a moist rag without getting it too wet. 

Step 3: Apply Stain 

Since the wood stair railing is full of small spaces and designs, you will not be able to use a sprayer. Foam brushes work great for applying stain to railings. With some stain on your the brush, wipe it along the wood in an outward fashion. Keep it all consistent with the same type of coating.

Step 4: Wipe with Rag

A great finishing technique when staining wood is to give it a quick wipe with a rag while it is still wet. This adds some characteristics to the stain that is not present with just the foam brush. It also removes any excess that might drip.