How to Stain Wooden Closet Rods

What You'll Need
Battered wooden closet rod
Old newspapers/rags
Face mask and gloves
Apron or old shirt

Closet rods are the part of your wardrobe that get the most wear and tear in the shortest time. This is because of all the brisk movements created by coat hangers and the weight they have to support.  Here are some easy steps that will help you rejuvenate your wooden closet rods and make them look brand new.

Step 1 – Removing the Rod

Remove any clothes that you have in your closet that hang on the rod and place them on your bed or somewhere safe for the time being. Remove the rod—this should be easily done, especially if the rod is not screwed in but just placed on brackets. If it is screwed in, use a screwdriver to take out the screws and remove the rod in the same way. Take the rod outside or have a well ventilated room prepped for the tasks ahead.

Step 2 – Cleaning the Rod

This step my seem quite unnecessary, but it is important to have a clean rod to work with. This will significantly help in the removal of the old varnish since you will be applying a new coating in the end. We will be using a simple homemade solution of warm water and a splash of vinegar. The acid in the vinegar will help with the removal of all the grime that accumulated over time. Use a scour brush to make this step easier.

Step 3 – Preparing the Rod

Find the ideal place where you can work on your closet rods. This should be a well ventilated area or preferably even outside the house. Cover the floor area with newspapers or old rags to limit excessive spreading of wood dust or and to protect the floor from the stain application. Additionally, put on your protective gear, mainly the dust mask and gloves before starting work on your rods. Begin by sandpapering the rods. Keep this process systematic and organized; make sure to go down the rod one inch at a time to ensure that the whole rod is sandpapered evenly.

Step 4 – Varnishing the Rod

Once you have sandpapered the rod, take the clean paintbrush and dust away any leftover wood dust that will hinder the vanishing process. Take the pot of varnish, and if it is not too big, shake it well.  If you cannot do this, open it carefully and use a smaller rod to mix the varnish well to make sure that all the oils and pigments come together as one again to ensure an even stain. Start painting away, keeping the coat light. If you would like it to be darker, go in for a second coat.

Leave your rod to dry in a safe place, preferably over night, to make sure that it is completely dry. Re-install the rods in your closet. You are now ready to rehang all your clothes on your newly stained closet rods.