How to Stay Safe while Using a Foam Adhesive How to Stay Safe while Using a Foam Adhesive

What You'll Need
Spray foam adhesive
Protective goggles
Mechanical ventilation
Mask respirator

Spray foam adhesive is widely used in the housing industries to attach and seal trusses to roofs. Nowadays foam adhesive adheres very well to membranes and board-stock insulation so that it holds the various components of the roof together while sealing any possible water entries. Moreover, spray foam adhesive is an excellent product which drastically minimizes application time and labor force required for roof installations and repair.

Step 1 – Protecting Yourself

You should always wear gloves and protective goggles to safeguard your eyes and to avoid any possible contact with your skin. In fact you should also wear a hat because although adhesive foam isn’t toxic, it is highly adhesive and difficult to remove, especially from hair.

Step 2 – Ventilation

Never use spray foam adhesives in enclosed spaces. Make sure to keep the place very well ventilated because it has very high solvent odors, fumes or vapors. If, however, the room doesn’t allow ventilation, make sure to install mechanical ventilation. Moreover, it is in fact advisable to wear a mask respirator to reduce as much as possible any inhalation of these fumes. Also, if you start feeling dizzy or start having respiratory problems you should immediately leave the area. In fact, you should take frequent breaks especially if working in a non-ventilated area.

Step 3 – Avoid Heat

Foam adhesives should be used as far away as possible from a flame because they are a flammable material. It is also important to keep in mind that spray foam adhesive generates heat while it is expanding and drying. In fact the bigger the amount of foam you are spraying, the greater is the possibility of combustion. Therefore, when applying any two-component spray foam adhesive, use numerous, thin, flowing layers to reduce any heat build-up.

Step 4 – Storage when Finished

It is important to note that these are spray cans and should never be used or stored in room temperatures that exceed 100ºF. In fact they should be stored in an upright position, in cool, dry places and never in a car. For safety reasons it is important to consume or use up any foam kits within 30 days of opening and to always close the valves when finished to avoid leakage of fumes.

These are the main safety guidelines that need to be followed when using foam adhesives. Remember that your own personal safety is the most important thing when doing any ‘do-it-yourself’ projects. Make sure to always read any safety or directions labels on your foam adhesive can to be sure you are using the product correctly and thus avoiding futile risks. In fact, foam adhesives are meant for professional use in the home industry and not to be used in any other craft nonchalantly.

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