How to Steam Press Clothes

Steam press your clothes if you have a steam iron. Not only is this fast and effective, but the wrinkles will disappear in no time, leaving your clothes freshly pressed.

Here is how to steam press clothes:

  • Unplug your iron. Set the control on your iron to ‘Dry’. Hold the iron parallel to the ironing board.
  • Fill a container cup with tap water and pour into your iron until you reach the MAX line. Close the cover of the iron.
  • Plug the iron into an electrical outlet and turn it on. Rotate the control of the iron to the required fabric setting. Wait until the iron heats to the appropriate measure.
  • Set the steam On/Off to the steam sign and you will see vapor rising from the iron when you press it down on the fabric.
  • Spread the garment on the ironing board. Before placing the iron on the fabric, test a small side of the material to prevent scorching. If all looks good, continue with the ironing. Press and release the steam button each time you want a spray of steam to iron extra tough wrinkles.
  • Turn off the iron when you have finished ironing by setting the steam control to ‘Off’. Unplug from the electricity outlet. Finally empty out the remaining water from the iron.