How to Stop Air Leaks around Entry Doors

What You'll Need
Caulk Tube
Caulk Gun
Razor Blade
Plastic Scraper
Putty Knife

Air leaks around entry doors can be one of the major causes of extra heat leaving your home and increasing your heating bills in the long-term. Although the problem can increase energy costs, it is fairly easy to inspect and stop air leaks around entry doors, even when some leaks are not easy to observe directly. You can follow a few simple steps that are given below to inspect air leaks and fill them up. 

Step 1 – Look around Door Edges 

This is the simplest way to check for air leaks around entry doors: just look around the door edges for any signs of deteriorating wood. These are the most obvious parts where leaks could be present. Run your finger over an apparent leaky spot near the entry door edges. If you feel cool air on your finger coming from outside, a leak is present. 

Step 2 – Use a Candle to Inspect Leak 

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