How to Stop Invisible Hinges from Squeaking

white interior door with silver knob

Installing invisible hinges can prove to be an ideal way to hang modern doors, often making it easier to hide unsightly fasteners without doing damage to the structure. Although these hinges differ from the average type, this does not mean that they cannot develop a squeak. Knowing how to rectify this will prevent much annoyance.


If you are unaware of exactly which invisible hinge is causing the problem, stand close to the door while swinging it back and forth to determine which needs treatment.


The angle of the invisible hinge and the manner in which it retracts into the door and frame will mean that it is easier to treat with a spray lubricant. Open the door fully to gain complete access and spray the affected hinge once before swinging the door back and forth. Continue in this manner until the squeak is no longer heard.

Manual Application

Where spray is not available, you will need to use a liquid dripper to gather some lubricating oil. This will enable you to apply it to the invisible hinges in a more precise manner. Insert a few drops into the recess. Swing the door back and forth to see if the squeak diminishes. Repeat the process until it disappears.