How to Stop the Squeaking Noise From Your Bathroom Door

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What You'll Need
Slotted tip screwdriver
A newspaper or piece of cloth
Steel wool
Spray lubricant
Motorcycle chain lubricant

That squeaking noise coming from your bathroom door can be really annoying, especially if someone is using the bathroom at night. Silencing the bathroom door is not a difficult task. There are many ways to do it. Bathroom doors get squeaky for a number of reasons, all related to hinges: corrosion, rust, poor painting jobs or poor quality lubricants.

The easiest method is dripping cooking oil on the hinges; however, doing so will stop the squeaks for only a short while. The hinges will also get very sticky and will allow dirt to buildup. You can fix the problem by properly lubricating the hinges and the hinge pins. For the best results, you should first clean and protect them against rust and corrosion, which are caused by the humidity in the bathroom.

Step 1 - Remove the Pin

To remove the first pin from the hinges, place a nail underneath the pin and tap it up with a hammer. When the pin is forced up, take it out. If the design of the hinge does not allow you to do so, use a slotted tip screwdriver. Insert the screwdriver’s tip beneath the pin’s head and tap the screwdriver’s handle with the hammer. Continue tapping until you can pull the pin out with your fingers. Be careful when you remove the pins to avoid hurting yourself. Remove and repair one pin at the time.

Step 2 - Clean the Pin

Place the pin horizontally on the newspaper. If it is corroded and rusted, clean it thoroughly. It might have traces of paint and old lubricant. You should use steel wool or emery cloth to remove all debris. The surface of the pin should be smooth when you apply the spray lubricant. The lubricant is very efficient in degreasing metal and preventing rust and corrosion. The pins and hinges, as well as all metal objects in your bathroom, are exposed to temperature changes and humidity. They need to be properly protected against rust and corrosion.

Step 3 - Clean the Hinges

Clean the hinges with steel wool. Apply some spray lubricant on the hinges as well.

Step 4 - Apply Lubricant

Lubricate the pins and the hinges with motorcycle chain lubricant. Distribute the lubricant all over the hinges. Motorcycle chain lubricant is very efficient. It protects metal against temperature changes and humidity. You could also use petroleum jelly, but it will collect dust and allow dirt buildup. Cooking oil is not a good solution because it gets sticky and can also release bad odors. Graphite powder can also prevent squeaking, but I may spread, leaving a dark mist all over the place.

Step 5 - Reinsert the Pin

Reinsert the pin into the hinge. Repeat steps 1-5 with the next pins and hinges. Make sure that you clean and lubricate all of the hinges of the bathroom door.