How To Store Lacquer

Lacquer provides a high gloss finish to any furniture. It’s available in many color choices, and is easy to use. It’s important to know how to store this for safety and prolonged life.

Cool, Dry Places

Lacquer should be stored in cool areas that can be kept dry. Basements are usually not a good option since they can be more humid than the rest of your home. A shed may not be a good idea either, since most sheds don’t have temperature controls. Lacquer should be slightly warm before you use it, but it can’t get too hot either.


Lacquer produces fumes, and they can be strong. The vapors can catch fire easily. Make sure any cans of lacquer are sealed properly and stored in an area with good ventilation. Keep it away from appliances and heat sources that can ignite it.

Storing with Other Chemicals

If lacquer is mixed with other chemicals the fumes can be very harmful. Make sure if you're storing lacquer near other chemicals that none of them can be spilled. It’s a good idea not to store lacquer near other chemicals at all, but if storage space is an issue just take proper precautions for safety.

Try to purchase only what you will need to eliminate the need for storage. If you must store lacquer, be sure you are being safe to avoid any hazards.