How To Store Scaffolding

Storing scaffolding equipment does not have to involve an elaborate process. Your storage routine can be quite simple and effective for the longevity of the equipment. 

1 – Clean and Maintain

Before anything else, clean the parts of your scaffolding. Simple rinse with water and wipe down with a rag to prevent rust and build-up. If necessary, use a sander to remove paint and other amassed debris. 

More importantly, keep track of all parts that are missing, loose, rusted or need to be replaced.  This should be done before any storing.

2 – Organize

You can keep your scaffolding organized by breaking down the equipment before storing.  This will allow you to utilize space more efficiently and to keep track of all the pieces of each scaffolding unit.

3 – Storage

The storage of your scaffolding equipment is primarily to protect it from the elements, which will ensure that it lasts longer. Find a storage area that is large enough to house all of the equipment together, providing space for large items (like planks and poles) as well as small parts (like screws and bolts).