How to Straighten Fins on Home Air Conditioners

A man works on an AC unit.
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20
What You'll Need
Air conditioner cleaner
Fin comb
Paint brush

The fins on a home air conditioner control the flow of air inside the air conditioner. The fins are made from a soft aluminum material that can easily become bent. When this happens, you can easily restore the fins to their original form by using a fin comb. You should take the time to check the fins, particularly when you notice a change in the cooling ability of the air conditioner.

Step 1 - Remove the Front Cover

Unplug the air conditioner and remove the front housing cover using a screwdriver. Place the cover and screws to the side and examine the fins to determine which ones are damaged.

Step 2 - Comb the Fins

Using a fin comb specially designed for the air conditioner, comb the fins to restore their form. Running the comb in the same manner in which you comb your hair will restore the fins from their bent position.

Step 3 - Clean the Air Conditioner

With the air conditioner open, apply an aerosol air conditioner cleaner to the fins and inside of the air conditioner. Follow the instructions on the spray bottle. Allow the spray to remain for 15 minutes and pour warm water slowly over the fins to remove dirt and debris.

Step 4 - Replace the Air Conditioner Cover

Take the housing cover and place it back over the home air conditioner, replacing the screws that you removed. Place the unit in its former position and turn it on in order to check that it is properly working.