How to Strengthen Wood Floor Trusses

What You'll Need
Floor trusses
Hurricane clips
Joist hangers

Floor trusses are used in building with crawl spaces or an upper floor. They are positioned on the top of the wall frame and secured with nails. They are designed to strengthen both the structure and the floors.

Step 1 – Creating Strength

Install the wood trusses at 16-inch intervals. Install the first wood truss against the wall and the rest every 16-inches after that in order to create strength.

Step 2 – Reducing Deflection

Use the strongest wood possible to reduce the deflection. Deflection refers to sagging produced by the trusses across the room. A wider room has the potential to produce more sag.

Step 3 – Attaching Joist Floor Hangers

Use 3½-inch galvanized nails to secure your joist floor hangers to the wall and the truss. Use your hammer to nail the hanger to the rim of the wall. The hanger should come with prefabricated holes where the nails should be secured. Once the hanger is in place, position the joint in the metal sling. Over time, the wood will dry. The drying process will cause the wood to shrink. The joist hangers will keep the wood in position even if it does shrink somewhat.