How to Stretch Leather Motorcycle Gloves

If your leather motorcycle gloves are too tight, you probably will want to stretch them a bit for comfort when wearing them. If your hand still fits into them, then they can probably be stretched to a more comfortable level of fit. If your hand doesn't fit in them you most likely won't be able to make them a size large enough to accommodate your hands.

Water Stretching

There are a few ways to do this. Fill a sink with warm water, put on your gloves and plunge your hands into the warm water until they are wet. Then wear them for an hour or so, doing normal things with your hands such as flexing your fingers, making a fist and other movements. This should stretch them comfortably.

You can also mix warm water with a bit of alcohol in it, put it in a spray bottle, mist the gloves then wear them to stretch them a bit. The key to both methods is the wearing of the gloves.

Commercial Stretching

There are commercial sprays that you can spray your gloves with inside and out that will stretch them. Since these products are made primarily for shoes, they may irritate your skin so use this method with caution.