How to Support a Porch Roof

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  • 16-40 hours
  • Advanced
  • 2,000-8,000
What You'll Need
8 x 8 hardwood posts
Pry Bar
Post Mounting Brackets
Circular Saw,
Or a Chain Saw

Adding a roof onto an existing porch can add a lot of character to the front of your home. Instead of just having an open porch, installing a porch roof will enable the homeowner to be able to use the space during times of rain or intense sun. One of the major considerations of the porch roof is the support that will keep it from falling down. Many homes use columns, while others use a simple post and beam type of construction. If you are looking at adding a porch roof, here is an easy way to support it.

Step 1: Determine How Much Support is Needed

Your porch roof will need to have a lot of support in order for it to stay up through the seasons. The larger the roof is, the more support that you are going to need. For larger porches, such as wrap-around porches, you will want to make sure that the support is more than you need.

Step 2: Measure for Posts

Large 8 x 8 posts are necessary for the use of supporting a porch roof. While many like to use the smaller 4 x 4 posts, they can tend to warp after they have been standing under the weight for several seasons. Measure the distance between the bottom of the porch roof and the top of the ledger beams of the porch.

Step 3: Cut Beams to Fit

In order to cut the larger beams, you will need to use a saw that has a blade large enough to get through. A chain saw is the perfect choice for this type of project. Mark the beams to the correct measurement and cut the beams on the heavy side of the mark. This will allow for the width of the chain saw blade.

Step 4: Install Mounting Brackets

Measure off the porch at intervals of 6 feet. This is the length in between each post. Position a mounting bracket at one of the marks on the bottom of the porch. Stand a post up in the bracket and hold a level on its side. Once it is plumb, mark the position on the porch roof. Install another bracket in this position. Once both of the brackets are secured, set a post into them. Use 2-inch carriage bolts to secure the posts to the mounting brackets.

Step 5: Continue Installing Porch Roof Supports

With the first porch roof support in position, you can then continue to work along the porch. You will need to make sure that each of the posts is plumb. If the post is not going to be perfectly level, use a pry bar on one corner and shim the post before you secure it into position.

Step 6: Remove Roof Supports

When you have all of the posts installed you will need to remove the temporary roof supports. The tendency is to remove them all at once. However, you should only remove one at a time to let the weight settle on the post.