How to Suspend a Walkway from a Roof Truss

What You'll Need
Metal guard rail
Metal sheeting
Socket set or spanner

Anyone lucky enough to own a barn will find it a great place to store all sorts of belongings and a suspended roof truss walkway will make this even more useful. Barns are only designed for storage which can create problems when trying to get around inside them. One of the best ways of doing this is to suspend a walkway from one of the roof trusses, this allows you to get around easily without having to watch where you're stepping.

This is a complicated project, but as long as you prepare properly there really shouldn't be any problem for you to complete this project on time and within budget. Completing a suspended walkway project won't take very long and is a great way to make your barn much more useful and functional.

Step 1 - Measuring Up

Measure the size of the walkway which you require, this will make it possible to design and construct a walkway which you will be happy with. It's very important that the walkway isn't too short or too long because this will make it useless. You will also need to ensure that the walkway is the correct width to allow 2 people to pass comfortably. You really don't want a very narrow walkway even if you don't intend to be passing anyone else.

Step 2 - Checking the Roof Trusses

Almost all roofs are made by using metal or wooden roof trusses. These are the triangular shaped pieces in the roof which give the roof its structure and strength. It's also possible to use the roof trusses as a way to support a suspended walkway which allows you to see everything inside the barn.

Check the condition of the roof trusses, these will probably be made out of wood if it's a barn which can mean that they are susceptible to damage. Over time the roof trusses might be damaged by weather conditions, pests or rot. This can weaken them which means you must first solve the issue before adding any additional weight to them. Simply fixing a walkway to the roof trusses if they are weak will cause nothing but damage. This could break the whole roof which causes a huge cost.

Step 3 - Making the Walkway

Now it's time to either make or buy the walkway. If you're making it yourself then you can choose to make it from wood or metal depending on your opinions. Metal is slightly more difficult to work with, however, it has many advantages including being stronger and longer lasting. You also don't need to worry about maintaining metal as often.

Step 4 - Fixing the Walkway

The walkway should be suspended on the roof trusses by laying it over the top of the lower section of the truss. This means that the walkway will actually pass through the triangle which is holding your roof up. This is a great use of space because this would normally be wasted space. The walkway needs to be fixed to each roof truss and must be strong enough to span the gaps in between the trusses. This should create a useful walkway which will make your barn much more useful.