How to Tap a Keg

Knowing how to tap a keg is a must if you plan to serve your guests from a beer keg at your next get-together. Kegs are an inexpensive and convenient alternative to making frequent trips to your fridge or cooler for more beer cans or bottles. Tapping a keg is relatively simple as long as you keep in mind some basic keg mechanics.

Let the Keg Settle 

Once you have picked up the keg from the retailer and brought it home, place it where you plan to be serving the beer. Let the keg settle for about 30 to 60 minutes because a lot of foam can build up in transport; this will dispel some of it.

Remove the Keg Seal and Line up the Tap

Some liquor servers claim that the seal is better left on, but this can make correctly connecting the tap more difficult. Look for the notches at the end of the tap that are meant to be lined up with the resulting hole at the top of the keg. Line these up with a set of slits at the top of the keg that the tap's notches fit into. Slide them in place and push down on the ball bearing in the center of the tap attachment. This will seal the pressure correctly into the keg while allowing for the right amount of beer flow when the tap is opened.