How to Tell if a Jointer Planer Induction Motor Needs to Be Replaced How to Tell if a Jointer Planer Induction Motor Needs to Be Replaced

What You'll Need
Volt ohm meter
Safety goggles

Most types of jointer planer used hobbyists and weekend woodworkers run on 220 volts motor. The motor power of the jointer planer is usually delivered via a belt system connected to the cutter and the feed rollers. Although most types of motors used to power up jointer planer are durable, there are times when they will need replacements. To determine if the motor on your jointer planer needs replacement, here is what you should do.

Step 1 – Turn the Power Off

Even if your motor no longer works, you should see to it that you unplug your machine before you inspect it for damage. Also, you need to wear your safety goggles all the time while working on your jointer planer motor.  

Step 2 - Do an Ocular Check

Check the overall condition of the motor and watch out for smells of something burning. If you detect is burnt smell in your motor, there is a big possibility that the motor has already gone bad and may be difficult to repair.

Step 3 – Test for Power

To determine if your motor still has power, you need to each motor lead using an ohm meter. If your ohm meter reading is more than zero ohms, your motor may be have shorted out or have gone really bad and may need replacement.

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