How to Tell If You Have a Faulty Float Valve

What You'll Need
Crescent Wrench
Replacement Valve

It is very difficult for a toilet to function when it has a faulty float valve. Here are some things to be aware of for this issue:

Step One - Determining A Faulty Float Valve

The metal ball which floats on top of the water in the toilet bowl is the float valve. By removing the lid to the toilet a person can see this ball. It is a main function to the toilets lifespan. When the toilet is constantly running or not filling up completely then the float valve may be out of tune. A bent float valve causes these problems but  can easily be fixed. When the arm is bent in the wrong direction the float valve will shut off before the toilet bowl fills with water.

Step Two - Cracks In The Float Valve

When the float valve has a crack in it this causes the toilet to run constantly. This prevents the ball from rising to the top of the water when the toilet is flushed.

Step Three - Broken Float Valve

When the float valves arm is bent beyond repair this will cause the ball to break off.

Step Four -Fixing The Problem

Use the crescent wrench to remove the float valve and replace it with the new one.