How to Tell If You Require Attic Vent Chutes

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An attic vent chute is a small baffle that plays an important part in removing the heated air from your attic and bringing in fresh air. These chutes also play a big part in the ability to install any blown in insulation, as they will keep the soffits clean and unclogged.

Many homes have perfect ventilation in their attic without any type of attic vent chute being installed. In fact, if there are no soffits in the home, an attic vent chute will be useless. Finding out if you need to use any vent chutes can sometimes be a little confusing. Here are some tips to help you determine whether your home needs to have attic vent chutes for better ventilation.

Attic Inspection Required

The only way to determine whether you need attic vent chutes is to make a journey into the attic. This is where you will be able to see what is actually going on there as far as airflow and condensation. If you live in a cold climate, checking the attic during the winter will help you make a better determination.

Clogged Soffits

One of the biggest indicators that you need to have chutes installed is if the soffits continue to clog up with insulation and other debris. The chutes will go right over the soffits so that they let in air but not debris.

Moisture Stains on Wood

As you are looking around the attic, make sure to check over the condition of the rafters, joists, and house sheathing. Look for dark spots where water has been or is still sitting. This means that the the humid air is staying trapped in the home.

Rusted Nails and Screws

Another sign that you are in need of attic vents is that nail heads, screws, and other hardware are covered with rust. If you see that this, install the attic vent chutes in that area in order for the humid air to escape. That is, if you have attic vents in that area.

Signs of Mold

One of the biggest problems with attics, as well as basements, is the build up of mold. As water and condensation is allowed to sit in your attic, it is warmed by the rising heat of the house. This is a great environment for the rapid growth of mold. If you start to see signs of mold along the insulation, the roofing deck, the sheathing, or any other area, you need to install air chutes.

Warm Air from Living Space

As you inspect the attic area, do you feel any warm air rising from the living space below? This could be because the insulation between the soffit and the roof deck has been moved by the air flow coming through the vents. An attic vent chute will redirect this airflow and allow you to put new insulation in place.