How to Tell if Your Humidifier Drip Pan Has a Crack

A humidifier against wood.
What You'll Need

Checking the drip pan of your humidifier can be a pain, but it is also important to make sure that you are maintaining it along with the rest of the humidifier so that nothing goes wrong. If you don't keep an eye out, you may find that water is leaking out and causing damage, especially if it leaks near the outlet or the cord. Here are a few ways that you can tell if your drip pan has a crack.

Step 1 - Check for Water Leaking

One obvious sign that you are having a problem with a cracked drip pan is seeing water leak out. If you find that a few drops or a puddle has formed near your humidifier, then you will want to immediately check out the drip pan to see if it has cracked.

Step 2 - Check for Mold Smell

While you might not always see a lot of water leaking out, especially if you have a darker color carpet and can't see the stain, you may smell it. A build up of water leakage can also be detected by a certain smell. You obviously don't want it to get as far as moldy, but if you smell old water, you want to check out the drip pan to make sure that there isn't a crack.