How to Tell If Your Toilet Flange Needs to Be Replaced

Even if you aren't a plumbing pro, there are several ways you can tell whether or not you need to replace your toilet flange. Follow the simple steps below to determine if yours needs to go.

Step 1 - Water Leaking

The biggest and most common problem that you see in a broken toilet flange is water leakage. If you see that water is coming out and slowly flooding your bathroom floor, you will want to check the toilet flange first to see if it needs to be replaced.

Step 2 - Loose Bolts

When installing the toilet flange, the bolts need to be tightened around the flange to mount it to the floor. If the bolts have become loose, it may be because the flange has cracked or broken. This may be a sign that you want to have it checked out to see if you need to replace the piece.

Step 3 - Water Supply Hose

The water supply hose hooks up to the toilet flange. If you see that there is a problem occurring with the hose, it may dig deeper into the hook up with the flange. Check this connection to get little more insight.