How to tell if Your Toilet Hex Nut Is Leaking

What You'll Need
2 Towels

It is a fairly common issue for a toilet hex nut to leak. The hex nut of the toilet connects the toilet itself to the floor and prohibits the toilet from moving or shifting while in use. There is an easy way to tell if the hex nut is causing the toilet leak or to rule out the hex nut as the cause of the leak.

Step 1 – Dry Floor

Use the first towel to dry the floor around the toilet if water is standing or dripping around the base of the toilet.

Step 2 – Lay out Towel

Take the second towel and lay it on the floor around the toilet. You want the towel to drape or wrap around the base of the toilet.

Step 3 – Wait

Leave the towel around the base of the toilet for at least 10 minutes.

Step 4 – Inspect Towel

Carefully feel the towel where it is closest to the toilet. If the towel is wet in the same location of the hex nut, then you can safely assume the hex nut is leaking. This is an easy issue to remedy, only requiring you to replace the hex nut that is leaking.