How to Tell When a Fuel Injector Needs to be Replaced

Your car can face performance problems when the fuel injector is not working properly. The fuel injector is an electronically controlled valve. The fuel pump supplies it with pressurized fuel. On energizing the injector, the valve gets opened and the pressurized fuel escapes in the form of a fine mist through a tiny hole. The injectors are placed in the manifold so that they can spray fuel at the intake valves. The symptoms of a failed fuel injector are similar whether your car has an electronic or a constant fuel injection system.

Hard Start and Rough Idle

When the car does not start on the first try and the ignition has to be turned on repeatedly to get it started, that's when you know there is a problem in fuel injector. Another symptom is when the car stalls, hesitates or sputters on start up.

Fuel Smell and Poor Gas Consumption

When you notice any gas smell in the car or when you notice that your car is covering fewer miles per gallon of fuel, this is when you need to get your fuel injector checked. You only need to be concerned when gas consumption is less than your average gas consumption reading.

Poor Acceleration and Fuel Leak

When you notice a loss in power while stepping on the gas and when there is a gas leak from injector seals or injector, you can expect that its time to replace the fuel injector.

Your car manual would tell you how many miles you should get before the fuel injector should be replaced. Remember to get the seals, rings and holders also replaced along with the main fuel injector system. A fuel injector that is not replaced in time can cause damage to other parts of the car such as fuel pumps and valves.