How to Test a Chest Freezer Compressor Relay

What You'll Need
Needle nose Pliers

Testing your freezer compressor is not difficult and can save you money on a repair visit. If you are up to the task, unplug your freezer and pull it out so that the back is exposed for you to work on.

Here’s what to do:

Step 1 - Remove and Examine

The compressor relay is located at the lower bottom of the freezer, beneath the terminal cover. Pull it off of the compressor and use the needle nose pliers to pull the connector that connects the wire on the side terminal of the relay.

Step 2 – Test the Relay

Set the multitester to X1 and place the relay upside down. Put the multitester probes into the S and the M terminals. It should read 0 ohms. Keeping the probes plugged in, turn the relay right side up. The magnetic switch should engage and the multitester should read infinity.

Repeat this step on the M and the S terminals individually. If the reading are the same, 0 upside down and infinity right side up, your compressor relay is fine. If this test fails at any point, your compressor relay is faulty and you must replace it with a new one.