How to Test a Fuel Injector

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  • 1-4 hours
  • Intermediate

One of the parts of your car that needs to be checked and maintained is the fuel injector. If you notice a strange sound, or even no sound, and your car engine is misfiring, the culprit might be the fuel injector. Here’s how you can test the fuel injector in your car yourself instead of taking it to the mechanic.

The first step is to check the fuel injector with a multimeter. Then, you will need to disconnect the fuel injector and place the leads of the multimeter on the terminals of the fuel injector and make a note of its reading.

Correct Value Reading

A fuel injector.

You will need to check the car’s service manual for the correct value. Normally the resistance level of the fuel injector should be between 10 ohms and 18 ohms. If the reading is above or below the normal value, you will have to change the fuel injector. Be sure to check the value at least three times.

Listen Closely

Place the long screwdriver on the fuel injector while the car’s engine is running. Place your ear to the handle of the screwdriver and listen to the sound. If there is a clear recurring clicking sound, your fuel injector is good. If the sound is not rhythmic you will need to replace the fuel injector.