How to Test a Gas Dryer Gas Valve Solenoid How to Test a Gas Dryer Gas Valve Solenoid

What You'll Need

On a gas dryer that is showing signs of not heating properly, the source of your issue could be the flame sensor or the gas valve solenoid or coils. On the gas valve in the dryer are several coils that primarily open and close the valve responsible for the flow of gas. If a coil fails, the gas will not turn on and the dryer will not heat properly.

Step 1 - Unplug Power

Be sure to first unplug the dryers electricity to avoid electrical shock, remove the access panel and set it to the side with the screws so they do not get lost during your inspection of the gas valve solenoid.

Step 2 - Adjustments

Select a high heat setting on the dial and then turn it on to observe the flame sensor. Watch as it changes in color. If it glows for several seconds then you will want to replace the gas valve solenoid. If the ignitor glows and stays lit for a longer time, then the problem is going to be found coming from your flame sensor. If it goes out quickly you will want to check your air intake nozzle.

Step 3 - Testing

Test the machines gas valve solenoid for electrical issues using a multi-tester. Simply set your multi-tester to the ohms setting of  X10 and place a probe on each of the terminals. What you are looking for is a change from an infinity reading to roughly 1300 ohms. If the device shows different than 1300 ohms, the coil should be replaced.

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