How to Test Air Compressor Release Valves

What You'll Need

An air compressor is a great tool that can be put to use for many tools, such as a spray gun or a water sprayer. When you work with anything that maintains pressure you need to make sure that safety comes first. The safety measure on an air compressor is a release valve (also known as a relief valve). This valve is meant to pop from the air tank when pressure becomes critical. When it pops out of the air compressor the pressure is released without any harmful consequences. The article here will tell you how to test to make sure that the release valve on the air compressor works.

Step 1 - Use the Air Compressor

In order to test the release valve it first needs to be under pressure. Plug the air compressor into the wall and turn it on. Allow the pressure to build for 30 minutes.

Step 2 - Locate the Release Valve

Inspect the tanks of the air compressor. Look for something that is silver and sticking out of the tank.

Step 3 - Test

Grip the release valve with the wrench and pull straight out. It should come out with some force and release the air from the tank.