How to Test an Electric Fence Safely How to Test an Electric Fence Safely

What You'll Need
Rubber boots
Rubber gloves
A Continuity tester
A Voltage meter

To ensure an electric fence is working properly and not presenting any danger, you should test it from time to time. To avoid injuries or even minor shocks, here’s how to do so safely.

Step 1 – Protect Yourself

Do not test a fence if the ground is wet. Even a well grounded electric fence can present some danger. Make you are wearing protective clothing, boots and gloves, and that any metal jewelry is removed prior to testing.

Step 2 – Test for Voltage

Use your continuity tester to check that the fence is charged. To do so, put the peg into the dirt by the fence to ground it and then hang the metal hook on the wire of the fence. If your fence has a charge the light on the hook will light up.

Step 3 – Test the Voltage 

If your concern is more for how much electricity your fence is running, use a voltage meter or a five light voltage tester. Both are hung on a fence like the continuity tester, but the 5 light tester will show voltage by the amount of lights that illuminate and the meter will give you a specific number of voltage.

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