How to Test Boat Trailer Brakes How to Test Boat Trailer Brakes

Before you get on the road for a boating trip, it is important to check your boat trailer brakes to prevent any accidents along the way. There are a few steps that will help you check if the brake system on your boat trailer work. You will need a test strip to perform the test.

Step 1: Check for Leaks

Check for any leaks on the brake line. Whether your boat trailer has drum boat trailer brakes or disc brakes, it is important to check for any leaks or cracks.

Step 2: Check the Break Shoes

For boat trailers with drum brakes, it is important to check the brake shoes. Look for wear and tear. If the brakes show signs of wear, you will need to replace them. Also inspect the drum and shoe return springs. Check if there is any corrosion on the shoe hardware and return springs.

Step 3: Check the Cylinder and Rotor

It is also important to check for the brake lines, master fluid and wheel cylinders for any cracks or leaks. You must also take the time to check the rotor. Inspect the rotor thickness and overall condition.

Step 4: Check the Brake Fluid

Last, but not least, check the brake fluid. In order to test the brake fluid, insert a test strip into the brake fluid tank and see if there is a reaction. If the fluid has rust, water contamination or brake sediments, the strip will show this.

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