How to Test if Insulated Window Glass is Still Insulated How to Test if Insulated Window Glass is Still Insulated

Insulated window glass is a great addition to any home, especially in areas where winters are harsh and old drafty windows can result in astronomically high heating bills. Insulated window glass is made with two parallel panes of glass set together with a space in between them. The edges of the glass are completely sealed allowing no air to get in the space between the glass panes and thus keeping the chill from entering the house. Usually a gas like Argon or Krypton is filled in between the two panes which slows the movement of hot air between the panes. Since these gases can be expensive, the cheaper insulated window glasses have dehydrated air between them. Checking to see if your insulated window glass is still insulated is a simple 1-step process.

Inspect the Insulated Window Glass

Check to see if the window glass has any kind of fog, moisture or haze between the panes. This happens when the gas or air between the panes becomes saturated with water. Once you can see the haze or fog, your insulated window glass is no longer insulated and needs to be replaced or fixed. 

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