How to Test the Load Bearing Capabilities of an Angle Bracket

What You'll Need
Angle bracket
Iron weights

An angle bracket is the perfect option for installing shelves for many different items. A steel angle bracket is rated to hold up to 1,000 pounds of items before they begin to fail. In many instances, a homeowner will not come near this total of weight so they have little to worry about. However, it is good to know if the angle bracket will hold the amount of weight you will load it with. Here is how you can test it for yourself.

Step 1 - Install Bracket on Bare Post

Find a bare post, or some other spot where you can load up some weight without damaging anything, and install the angle bracket. Drill in the required screws into the appropriate holes. Some angle brackets have two screw holes, but others may have four.

Step 2 - Connect Chain to Bracket

Connect one end of a chain to the bracket and attach a hook to the other end that is hanging.

Step 3 - Attach Weights

Old railroad ties, or iron weights make a good heavy object to hang on the chain. Continue to add more weight to find out the breaking point of the angle bracket. You may find that the screws are pulled out of the wall before the angle bracket actually fails.