How to Test the Throttle of an Electric Scooter

What You'll Need
An electric scooter
4.3 volt DC power source

An electric scooter is an excellent mode of transport that works on electricity. It is cost effective and all you need to do is charge your scooter before you set out for your destination. There are electric scooters available for adults as well as kids. Most of the time the trouble with scooters not starting is the battery. If the battery is charged and working fine and your scooter will not move then it’s time to test the throttle. There are many kinds of throttles, the main one being the half effect throttle, also known as a twist bar. Other types of throttles are on and off throttles or high end throttles. Here is how you can test a generic electric scooter throttle.

Step 1 – Preparation

Find an isolated area with an electric supply to test your scooter. Make sure that the scooter is on stable and even ground. Also make sure the batteries are charged. The throttle normally comes with 3 colored wires of red, black and green or blue.

Step 2 – Testing the Throttle

If your speed display and lights do not come on when you twist the throttle then you may have a problem with the throttle. The problem can also be that the connection between the throttle and controller is faulty.

Turn off the scooter and remove the fuse. Lift the back wheels of the scooter off of the ground. Make sure that you are not in the vicinity of the back wheels. Connect 4.3 Volts DC positive to the red wire of the throttle. The black wire should be connected to the 4.3 Volts DC ground. Next take the Voltmeter and fix it to the black and the green or blue wire. Replace the fuse and turn the engine of the electric scooter on. Twist or turn the throttle to start the motor. At this point the motor should be turning. If this does not happen then there is a problem with the battery, ignition key or the connection to the controller. If the motor does turn then there is a problem with the throttle. The voltmeter should ideally read between 0 to 3+ Volts. If the number is low then there is an issue with the throttle. Remove the wires from its attachments and switch off the engine.

Step 3 – Solution

If the trouble is with the battery then you may need to replace it. If the connection between the controller and throttle is faulty, it may be in need of repair or you may need to replace the throttle itself. You can go to the nearest electric scooter repair store and get the problem diagnosed and fixed. You can even call the company that you purchased the scooter from and if you are within your guarantee period then they can replace the parts for free or at a reduced cost.