How to Thread Rope for a Pole Pruner

What You'll Need
Thread made for pruner- can get at hardware store
Pole pruner

Getting your trees and yard to look amazing can take a lot of hard work especially when you are using a pole pruner. While the pole pruner has many great aspects to it including taking down big branches from high up or getting the stuff out where you can't reach, it can be a pain to put it together and thread the rope if you have to. Here are a few steps to help you with the process.

Step 1 - Check for Safety

Make sure that before you start doing anything with your hands near by that you turn the pole pruner off and make sure that it stays off. You don't want to get caught up or hurt in the process. Also, wearing safety goggles and gloves is a good idea when you are working with tools.

Step 2 - Lay Out the Thread

Lay out the thread flat on the ground next to you and make sure that it has no knots or tangles in it. This step is really important so that you know you won't get stuck while you are pulling it later on.

Step 3 - Thread It through

This may be the most difficult part of the job because different pruners are threaded differently. Typically you will look near the handle and find the two separate holes to thread through. Once you find these holes you can put the thread through each hole three times. You want to make sure that when you are doing this you are making sure that the thread stays straight and doesn't tangle with the other side.

Step 4 - Bring Thread Down

After you have put the thread through near the handles then you want to take the thread from the lower loop and bring it down so it can be pulled when you are working.

The steps themselves aren't too hard but you want to make sure that while you are completing each one that you see that the thread isn't being tangled. If you watch after each step then the process should go pretty smoothly but taking that extra time out to be sure will really help to make a difference. Another tip would to be to have another person work with you while you are trying to thread the pole pruner. This way they can hold it still while you thread through so that it goes in evenly and without knotting. While you are using it and after each use you will want to double check to make sure that everything is working properly and that the thread is on track. It can easily come off or get tangled when you are working especially when you are trying to cut or move bigger things.

After you are done with these steps you will be ready to use it again and get back to your gardening and yard work. This tool is a great one to have in your shed.