How to Tie Down a Motorcycle on a Floor Jack

a red Floor Jack
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-30
What You'll Need
Two wood clamps
Motorbike tie-down straps
Long cables
Wheel block

If you are planning to use a floor jack with your motorcycle, then you will probably need to secure the bike somehow, in order to prevent it from moving around too much when you raise the wheel. Some jacks come with the addition of a ratchet tie straps, designed to be used with it to keep the motorcycle upright. If you have built your own floor jack, you will not have added tie-downs, and must either buy some, or create your own system in order to support the motorbike. The tie will have to be flexible enough to cope with the lifting of the wheel, but secure enough to prevent any toppling of the bike. In order to tie down your motorbike, follow a few basic instructions to get the job done quickly and easily.

Step 1 - Securing the Bike

Wheel your motorcycle up to the jack, and place it in a position which will allow for the best light. The most important tie down you can do is to prevent the wheel which is not being lifted from sliding about. This can be done in a number of ways, but probably the most ideal way for a small garage is to insert a wheel block against the tire which will remain on the ground. These act much like door stops, preventing the bike from moving. You should then check that there is nothing in the way of the bike strap connections before adding them.

Step 2 - Fitting the Tie Down Straps

These straps are intended to keep motorbikes tied down in the back of pick-ups or on ships, and they come in a variety of models, depending upon the make of bike that you have. Make sure that you have purchased the correct variety for your vehicle, and then attach these to the holes in the body of your bike. Two should attach to the area of the handles, and 2 to the frame of the back wheel, but read the instructions on your tie down straps for more details, as each pack and model of bike can differ.

Step 3 - Tie Down the Bike

Put a wood clamp at either side of the bike, a suitable distance, say 4 feet, away. These clamps can be fitted on to upright shelving, or even the garage doors, anything so long as it is fairly stable. Extend the straps, perhaps tying them with cables to extend their range. Keep the straps tight, but not so taut that they are in danger of breaking. You can also attach your handle bars to the wheels of the jack, taking care that they are not secured too tightly.

Step 4 - Raise the Motorcycle

Once the tie downs are secure, begin raising the jack. You will need to ensure that the cables are not dangerous to others, or yourself, when working around the bike, but tight enough to keep your motorcycle from falling over. When the jack is at the right height, ensure the straps are firm before performing any work.