How to Tie in a Deck Roof Addition

What You'll Need
Aluminum flashing
Plywood sheeting

Adding a deck roof addition is actually very simple however it will take some skill to get it to tie into your home. Whenever you are tying in a roof it is essential that you do plenty of planning. By planning you can minimize the chances of any problems when you try to connect the roof to your house.

With the right tools and materials it will actually be very simple to tie in a deck roof. Once the roof is tied in it should be much easier to weatherproof and secure your home.

Step 1 - Building Roof Frame

The first thing that you need to do is construct the basic frame of the roof out of lumber. Do this by laying it on the ground and nailing or screwing everything together. You will normally want to make the size of the roof a little bit bigger than the deck itself so that there is a small overhang.

Joists should then be supported across this frame which will then in turn support the roof. These joists should be cut to the right length and made out of lumber.

Step 2 - Tying the Deck Roof in

Replace the posts for your deck with longer lengths of lumber which will support the roof. These posts should be cut to the right length so that the roof slopes to help with water running off. The front posts should be shorter than the back ones which will cause the required slope in your deck roof. Once the deck roof is tied in you shouldn't have any problem.

Step 3 - Fitting the Roof

Once you have finished extending the posts it's then time to put the roof on top of the posts and support it. The deck roof ties into your existing house structure by using brackets which are screwed onto the wall of your house.

Plywood can cover the entire surface of the roof and this can in turn be covered using felt or wooden planks depending on the design and preferences of the roof. The roof needs to be secured using long roofing nails which will prevent the roof from moving or becoming damaged by adverse weather conditions.

Step 4 - Finishing Touches

The gap between your house and decking roof needs to be sealed using roofing cement. This roofing cement should be pushed into all of the cracks to prevent water from being able to get inside the joints. Once this is finished you can then paint or stain the support posts whatever color you want.

Once you have finished your deck roof the only thing you need to do is sit back and enjoy the new extended living area in your home. Whenever it's warm outside you can sit out and not need to worry about rain or very bright sunlight. The roof will shield you from sunlight and rain.