How to Tie in a Porch Roof Addition

What You'll Need
Power drill
Mounting brackets
4x4 beams
2x4 joists
2x4 Boards

Instructions on how to tie in a porch roof addition are quite simple to follow. You can accomplish this task without the need to hire a professional contractor. Make sure prior to any home improvement project that you check the building codes and acquire any permit you might need. Make sure the materials you buy for the project are of quality so as to avoid repairs later on.

Step 1 – Gathering the Necessary Materials Needed for the Job

After you inquire about the building codes in your area and getting any required permits might be needed, you need to gather all the materials listed above and put them in a safe work area, located near your porch.

Step 2 – Erecting the Beams

First the 4x4 beams need to be cut to the size of the existing roof, so the porch roof and the edge of the existing roof will be even when the job is complete. Now take the 4x4 beams and erect them to the perimeter outside the porch about four feet apart. With either nails or using the mounting brackets attach the beams to the floor boards of the porch. Put 4x4 beams against the house, also having these four feet apart from each other. With the beams in place, you will now have the outline structure for the roof frame.

Step 3 – Tie Together the 4x4 Beams

Taking the 2x4 boards and putting them on the top of the 4x4 beams, nail them in. This gives you the place where you will be installing the 2x4 joists and makes the structure stable. When the 2x4 boards are all nailed in to the 4x4 beams you will be ready to move onto the next step.

Step 4 -Installing the Joists

On the 2x4 boards install the 2x4 joists. Each 2x4 joist should extend across the frame, by going from the house edge to the porch edge. Make sure the 2x4 joists are turned so the boards narrow edge faces the floor of the porch. Install the 2x4 joists with some screws and brackets to the house edge. The edge of the roof of the house and the frame to the porch should be seamless now. Now you have tied in the porch roof addition to the house. Now you are ready for the installation of the roof and the shingles that you can pick out your local home improvement store.

Step 5 – Clean Up of the Materials

You should make sure to clean your work area up by putting the tools you used back where you store them for the next time you need them. Make sure that you check around the area where you worked for any nails or screws that might have fallen on the ground as so nobody steps on them or a vehicle's tire gets punctured.