How to Tie in a Shed Roof Addition

If your home improvement plans include tying in a shed roof addition, you best know how to accomplish this task first. Below is a general outline of how to do such an addition.

Step 1 – Location, Location, Location

The first thing you’ll want to do when tying in a shed roof addition is to choose the ideal place for it. Because it features a relatively simple roof style, this shed roof can be situated just about any place. Your best strategy would be to find an area of your home where such things as windows and doors are not an obstruction. Therefore, somewhere like the side of or behind the garage is a good choice.

Step 2 – Be Sure Your Location is Ground Level.

The best possible place for this shed is somewhere that is flat, yet slopes a little bit away from your home. However, if this area slopes significantly, your degree of difficulty will increase. If such is the case, you’ll likely need to excavate and construct retaining walls. You might also need to put in fill. No matter what, regrade the area surrounding the shed to make sure it has proper drainage. You’ll also want to account for a wheelbarrow and lawn mower ramp.

Step 3 – Obtain a Building Permit

Don’t forget to have a local building inspector approve your construction location and grant you a building permit.

Step 4 – Line up Your Materials

Expect to spend a few thousand dollars for the wood, doors, and windows you’ll need. Choose the straightest dry cedar 4x4s you can find.

Step 5 – Create a Square and Level Foundation

Now, mark the post locations on your 2x4 bottom plates and cut these plates to length. These dimensions will act as your template for the strings and batter boards. Align the strings with what will eventually be your shed’s outside edge of the foundation beam, which is 6x6. Once you’ve created the foundation’s base, pour your concrete. Plan for one 60 pound concrete bag mix for each 1 foot. length of 8 inch diameter tube. Once the concrete is poured set the anchor bolts 2-3/4 inches away from the string so they’ll be positioned in the middle of the 6x6 beam. Let this concrete harden overnight.

Step 5 – Build Your Walls and Roof

After measuring the posts to your liking, saw each post off square at its chosen length. Next, assemble the walls and be certain they are each braced plumb and square. Once you have done so, attach via tying your side walls to your house. If there are no studs in the existing wall of this location, you might want to add some from the inside. Lastly, sight across the top of the front wall to be certain it is level before attaching rafters. Then, hammer down the roof plywood and put in the soffit y plywood and fascia boards. Be sure to match the fascia and soffit designs to match your home.