How to Tile a Corner Shower Unit

tiled shower
  • 10-20 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-600
What You'll Need
Thinset mortar
Premixed mortar
Rubber float
Tile cutter
Tile spacers

Tiling a corner shower unit is a challenging project because of the space limitations. Since corner showers are intended to save space, tiling them requires the do-it-yourselfer to handle a small working space inside the shower. Before setting the tiles, it should be noted that the corner shower unit has to be installed with a shower pan and liner as well as backer boards. Without the backer boards, the tiles will not have a foundation in which to be set. Here are instructions on how to tile a corner shower unit.

Step 1 - Planning

Plan the tiling first. The wall can be installed with larger tiles in order to make the tiling procedure a lot faster. For the floor, never use large tiles because it will affect the slope. Use smaller tiles instead. Doing so will allow the water to slope toward the drain. When tiling the corner shower unit, always start with the floor before proceeding to the walls.

Step 2 - Setting the Mortar Bed

Mix the mortar with water to the correct consistency. Always follow procedures on the product description for guidance. Before applying the mortar bed, check if the drain is well-covered. Apply the mortar and allow it to slope slightly towards the drain. Allow the mortar to dry for 24 hours.

Step 3 - Tiling the Floor

Determine the number of tiles required for the floor tiling and cut the tiles if necessary. Prepare thinset mortar by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Buy pre-mixed thinset in order to make the process easier. Apply the thinset accordingly on the floor and install the tiles piece by piece. Wait for the thinset to cure. Clean the extra grout with damp sponge and wait for the grout to cure before proceeding with the walls.

Step 4 - Tiling the Walls

Start by marking the bottom row with a pencil. Mix a sufficient amount of thinset mortar just enough for the bottom row tiles. Use the trowel to apply the thinset at the bottom and lay each tile accordingly. To provide consistent spacing between the tiles, place spacers between them. Wait for the bottom row of tiles to set for about 6 hours or so before installing the succeeding rows.

Continue with the succeeding tiles by following the basic procedure of applying thinset and laying the tiles. Use spacers on all sides of the tiles to come up with uniform spacing. For the top row, cut the tiles accordingly. Allow the thinset to cure for about 48 hours before grouting. Wait for the grout to cure, and you now have a tiled corner shower unit.