How to Tile an Outdoor Shower Base

What You'll Need
Pebble tiles
Paint brush
Thin set mortar
Grout float

Tiling an outdoor shower may seem like a challenging and demanding task, but if done properly, it is relatively easy. An outdoor shower system has many elements, one of which is its base. Home-makers find pebble tile flooring very effective as it does not require too much effort. These tiles can be safely cleaned with some commonly available home detergent. Moreover, most people find it advantageous to use as it is quite inexpensive as compared to some other solutions that are available for tiling. Here’s how you can tile your outdoor shower base using pebble tiles. If you don’t want to use pebble tiles, you can also install ceramic tiles using the same steps.

Step 1 – Mark the Location

Once you have decided where you want to have your outdoor shower, only then can you begin working on it. It is preferable to first get your plumbing done, and then tile your floor. Also, you can choose to place an enclosure after you are done tiling. For tiling, you need to determine the size of your outdoor shower base. Then, trace out the area that you want to cover with tiles.

Step 2 – Buy the Tiles

If you don’t want to use pebble stone tiles, you can always use ceramic tiles. However, care should be taken to use tiles that are textured; this is because these prevent you from slipping while taking a shower. As mentioned earlier, most people opt for pebble tiles; these are decorative tiles made with the help of natural pebbles that are found on beaches and rivers. These tiles come on a mesh backing that is interlocking. Once you find the tiles you are looking for, remember to buy more than what you require. These come in handy to fill out the spaces.  

Step 3 – Lay the Pebble Tiles

With the help of a trowel, apply a thin set mortar over the surface that needs to be tiled. Apply the adhesive such that it covers an area of about 1 ½ X 1 ½ feet or a little more. This is to ensure that the adhesive does not dry too quickly. After this is done, brush a sealer on the stone tiles and place them on the thin set mortar very close to one another. The mesh interlocks so all you have to do is follow the locking. If you find that the space is too small to fit a whole tile, cut the mesh that holds together the pebbles.

Step 4 - Grouting

Any gaps or spaces that are seen between the stones can be filled with the help of grout. Simply use a grout float to apply the grout in all the gaps. Don’t worry if there is any excess grout that comes on top of the tiles. Once you have applied the grout, use a wet sponge to nicely wipe off the extra grout. Once your grout is cured, your tiled shower base will be ready to use.