How to Tile Around a Shower Window

  • 8-24 hours
  • Advanced
  • 400-1,400
What You'll Need
Tile saw
Backer board screws
Tile spacers
Latex modified thinset
Thin set trowel
Drill and bits
Tape measure
Grout float
Plastic sheeting
Board tape

A shower window can be a lovely addition, bringing light into the shower area; however, you need to tile around it, just as you’d apply tile to other areas in the shower. When you’re tiling around a shower window, it’s important to do so correctly so that the window looks as good as the rest of your shower.


Before you can tile around the shower window, you need to prepare the area. Start by removing anything that’s around the shower window area and check the wall for mold. If you find any, you’ll need to treat it before moving on.

Use the tape measure to check the measurements around the window. Start by measuring from the window to the sides, then from the top of the window to where you’ll be putting the top row of tiles. After that, measure from the bottom of the window to the floor of the shower. Finally, measure the ledge.


Before applying the backer board, hang plastic sheeting on the window ledge and on the walls around the shower window. To cut the backer board, go by the measurements you took earlier. Cut with a utility knife and attach around the window, working out. Attach to the studs using screws. Finish by using tape over the seams and applying a latex modified thin-set.

Cutting Tiles

The easiest way to cut the tile is to use a tile saw in a proper water-filled tray. Follow the measurements you’ve made and cut carefully.

Applying Tiles

Spread the thinset onto the backer board with an upstroke. You should only apply it to a thin area so that the thinset doesn’t dry too quickly in the shower window area. Begin to apply the tile, working out from the window and using Grout

After allowing 24 hours for the thin-set to dry, remove the tile spacers. Mix the grout and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Spread it over the tiles with a joint knife, working it into the spaces between the tiles. After 15 minutes, wipe away the excess grout with a wet sponge and plenty of water. Leave it to dry for a day, then use a wet sponge to remove any haze from the tiles. Once it’s dried, apply the sealer to the tiles.